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VTK on Julia

For treating VTK data on Julia, Mohamed Tarek makes related libraries. I really appreciate his works. After Pkg.clone VTKDataTypes.jl & VTKDataIO.jl, you may have to resolve some dependencies.

For reading VTK, you can use the following:

using VTKDataTypes
using VTKDataIO

data = read_vtk("m000000.vts")

data. point_coords is coordinate data, and data.point_data is a dictionary data.

Julia build with Intel MKL

I start to use Julia. Fast & Useful linear algebra. It is a fresh alternative of Matlab. We can use Intel MKL without Intel Compiler. However, we have to bulid Julia as follows (Julia v0.6 & Ubuntu 16.04).

    1. Install Intel MKL
    2. Clone Julia repository of git
    3. Add Makefile.user in the main julia source directory with the following
      override USE_INTEL_MKL=1
      override USE_INTEL_LIBM = 0

      (Note that the final line is install directory)

    4. Add the following to deps/tools/, for ARPACK.

      ifeq  ($(USE_INTEL_MKL), 1)
      ifneq ($(USEIFC),1)
      USE_BLAS_FFLAGS += -ff2c


    5. “make -j4” after “source /opt/intel/mkl/bin/ intel64 ilp64”
    6. We can check results by make testall
    7. I saw an error about the following part of cmdlineargs.jl, but it seems no problem.
      if !is_windows() && VersionNumber(Base.libllvm_version) > v"3.3"
      testdir = mktempdir()
      cd(testdir) do
      @test success(`$exename -e "exit(0)"`)
    8. make install