Publication & back cover adoption

Ms. Kobachi’s research work on a terahertz metamaterial device now has been published in Advanced Optical Materials
M. Kobachi, F. Miyamaru, T. Nakanishi, K. Okimura, A. Sanada, and Y. Nakata, Adv. Opt. Mater. 10, 2101615 (2022).

This work is based on 2020 research in her undergraduate course. The device can efficiently invert the helicity of terahertz circular polarization, and it is applicable to chiral sensing.

Moreover, a relevant picture is adopted as a back cover!

back cover of Advanced Optical Materials

Julia build with Intel MKL

I start to use Julia. Fast & Useful linear algebra. It is a fresh alternative of Matlab. We can use Intel MKL without Intel Compiler. However, we have to bulid Julia as follows (Julia v0.6 & Ubuntu 16.04).

    1. Install Intel MKL
    2. Clone Julia repository of git
    3. Add Makefile.user in the main julia source directory with the following
      override USE_INTEL_MKL=1
      override USE_INTEL_LIBM = 0

      (Note that the final line is install directory)

    4. Add the following to deps/tools/, for ARPACK.

      ifeq  ($(USE_INTEL_MKL), 1)
      ifneq ($(USEIFC),1)
      USE_BLAS_FFLAGS += -ff2c


    5. “make -j4” after “source /opt/intel/mkl/bin/ intel64 ilp64”
    6. We can check results by make testall
    7. I saw an error about the following part of cmdlineargs.jl, but it seems no problem.
      if !is_windows() && VersionNumber(Base.libllvm_version) > v"3.3"
      testdir = mktempdir()
      cd(testdir) do
      @test success(`$exename -e "exit(0)"`)
    8. make install

BST file for Physical Review Applied

To prepare bibliography for Physical Review Applied, I modified apsrev4-1.bst of revtex.


  • In string.enquote, I commented out bbl.enquote “{” * swap$ * “}” *
  • I set #1 for control.title (just before ‘control.title :=, because of RPN)
  • I saved as apsrev4-1_custom.bst, and put \bibliographystyle{apsrev4-1_custom} in the main tex file.

qnap TS-220 openssh build

I have been using qnap TS-220. We can not login as user by the default openssh and ipkg openssh is too old. I tried to compile openssh for qnap with a ARM CPU. I used the following code:

## install Optware QPKG and required packages
#ipkg install gcc make perl sed gawk tar gzip bzip2 zlib mktemp
#export PATH=/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:$PATH

## grab the source
wget --no-check-certificate # < heartbleed free
wget --no-check-certificate

## make temporary dir for dependencies (libpam headers and openssl)
## openssl will be compiled statically so you can remove this directory afterwards
mkdir -p $DEPDIR/usr/include

## we need only the PAM headers, we use QNAP's
tar xjf Linux-PAM-1.2.0.tar.bz2
ln -s /lib/
cp -r Linux-PAM-1.2.0/libpam/include/security/ $DEPDIR/usr/include || exit

## install openssl to DEPDIR
tar xzf openssl-1.0.2a.tar.gz
pushd openssl-1.0.2a
./Configure --prefix=/usr --openssldir=/etc/ssl --libdir=lib zlib no-asm linux-armv4 "-Wa,--noexecstack" || exit
make depend || exit
make || exit
make INSTALL_PREFIX=$DEPDIR MANDIR=/usr/share/man MANSUFFIX=ssl install || exit

## build openssh
tar xzf openssh-6.8p1.tar.gz
pushd openssh-6.8p1
./configure --build=arm --prefix=/opt/openssh-6.8p1 --sysconfdir=/opt/etc/openssh\
 --with-ssl-engine --with-pam --with-md5-passwords --with-pid-dir=/opt/var/run\
 --with-ldflags=-L$DEPDIR/usr/lib --with-cflags=-I$DEPDIR/usr/include
make || exit

## optionally install whole ssh to some dir
## or just copy sshd binary
#cp openssh-6.6p1/sshd ~
make install || exit
## optionally cleanup
#rm -fr Linux-PAM-1.2.0* openssh-6.8p1* openssl-1.0.2a* $DEPDIR

 Next, I made /opt/etc/init.d/S42sshd:

if [ -f /opt/var/run/ ] ; then
  kill `cat /opt/var/run/`    
  killall /opt/openssh-6.8p1/sbin/sshd   
rm -f /opt/var/run/             
umask 077                                

Finally, I added the following to /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/autorun/

/opt/etc/init.d/S42sshd start

 Ref: (NON ARM version)